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Health Benefits of Floating

In recent years, sensory deprivation, otherwise known as “floating” has gained recognition.

Whether you’re very active and workout regularly, a workaholic looking to decompress or simply struggling with stress, you will absolutely love floating! This article will explain what floating really is and the many benefits that come from it. Floats typically last one hour and are intended to free your mind and body of stress, pain and discomfort. Many people compare it to the Dead Sea. When you get into the pod, relax in the warm water, quiet your thoughts and let your body embrace total relaxation.

0 Gravity Float pods are large baths that close. They are filled with such a high concentration of Magnesium Sulphate, resulting in you naturally floating, without effort. Sensory Deprivation When you get in a Float pod, there is a reduction of external stimuli allowing the body to achieve a natural restorative state. It is the ultimate form of relaxation and meditation. Stress Reduction The high concentration of Magnesium helps the body reduce the effects of stress, balance hormones, normalize blood pressure and detox. Magnesium is also known to balance calcium levels in the body, reduce risks of cancer and improve sleep. The benefits occur during and after the float! Floating helps improve Athletic Performance, Focus and Productivity, Relieve Stress, Improve Pregnancy Symptoms, Reduce Pain in the Body, and help with Weight Loss. Some of the Therapeutic Benefits of Floating are the improvement of Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, Digestive Issues, Neck & Back Pain and more. The Benefits of Floating will last for the rest of the day and carry out through your week, allowing you to be more calm, focused and at peace. To learn more visit:

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