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Break Through Fall Fatigue

How to Manage Stress and Sleep Better. Fall is a crazy time; back-to-school, the time change, the weather starts changing, the days get shorter. It's a lot of stress for our body's to transition to. Finding time for you to balance it all is key to managing stress and staying energized - no matter the season!

Get your B & C Vitamins:

B & C Vitamins are pertinent because your body depletes these first during times of stress. B vitamins are key to brain function, energy and metabolism, while Vitamin C is an immune builder that will keep your body energized and strong to fight off new colds and flus you may come into contact to at the office, in public transport or at your child’s school. Both these vitamins are water soluble, so be sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated!

Add Relaxing Activities to your Routine

Sometimes, taking a break from high intensity training is beneficial for your body - especially with our busy fast pace lifestyles. A 20-minute walk has many positive effects, both physically and mentally. Switch up your normal workout routine and add in some calming activities, such as yoga, walking or meditating to bring your body back to balance and improve your ability to handle stress outside of your workout.


60 minutes of floating is equivalent to a 1 week vacation for your body. Providing therapeutic benefits, such as better stress response, more relaxation and improved sleep!

Detox in a Sauna

Sweating in a sauna will detox your body of chemicals and energize your body. Give our ULTIMATE DETOX a try!

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