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Float Your Way to Muscle Recovery

Did you know Floating promotes muscle relaxation and recovery from injury?

Summer Illusions is proudly the official Float Pod Centre for the Toronto Argonauts!

Declan Cross, photographed on the left is a regular floater at the salon and an advocate of the benefits of Floating for muscle recovery in his game. "Proudly, the Official Float Pod Centre of the Toronto Argonauts"

More and more athletes are using Floatation Therapy for it's mental and physical benefits. It promotes extreme muscle relaxation, increases oxygen flow to the brain and body and can heal injury in muscles and joints.


Floating reduces the amount of needed recovery time by increasing circulation, reducing lactic acid and alleviating pain from injury. Eliminating gravitational pressure allows the blood to circulate to jointsLXLMS​, tendons and muscles that are tense from training. A high volume of magnesium also relaxes muscle tissue quicker, reducing muscular fatigue.


High stress levels athletes experience can lead to increased vulnerability to injuries and impaired performance. Floatation therapy is a form of stress management that is shown to reduce blood pressure, cortisol levels and adrenaline.


Mental focus is extremely important to an athlete's performance. Floating provides a profoundly relaxing experience resulting in increased focus, reduced stress and ultimately better performance.

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